Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Totally late, and yet also on time.

As fortune would have it, I'll get my first taste of a Sounders home game tonight. Really looking forward to that, and if they win I get to see at least another... not playing favorites or anything, but yeah. I think I should recover well enough to get back on AA stat patrol tomorrow. I think.

As for the tardiness reference, I plumb forgot to put up the weekend goals after I went and got the videos and everything. Pardon me, I'm desperately focused on finding the official Seattle weather Eddie Bauer storm sneakers I wish to acquire in my size. Black, please. And before the rains return (which they so very much will) if you don't mind.

So yeah, here are those clips, in case you missed something.

Christian Pulisic, off the bench, with a slider.

Dundee United's Ian Harkes with a late winner as nifty as any.

And hell, why not? Let's toss Gianluca Busio's persistent helper on Venezia's winner.

- Greg Seltzer

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