Saturday, December 11, 2021

A Little Pre-Game Tube

I'll really been trying to limit my keyboard time to work so this elbow thing can chill out and go away. As such, it seems only fair I offer a little quick view slate to get you ready for MLS Cup. And that topic is where we'll start, getting takes (that I mostly agree with) from the always entertaining Taylor Twellman.

Speaking of MLS, CNBC recently did a report on how the league is aiming to climb the American sports ladder.

Vancouver exec Axel Schuster explains in the simplest of terms how the new minor/development league MLS Next is going to change the league for the better. And of course, you know it's a genuine opinion because his Whitecaps are as eager and good as any club at creating a pipeline from the academy to the first team.

In case you missed it, Richie Ledezma has just returned to PSV Eindhoven action for the first time in a year. If he starts doing stuff like this on the regular, the kid can really help that team (and give USMNT fans yet another midfield type to crow over).

Last but not least, ol' timer NSC fans will surely know the name Eddy Hamel. He was the first big time American Abroad, a dashing Ajax star who would eventually meet a tragic demise as a Holocaust victim. Well, NSC pal Jim McGough worked hard to get that Amsterdam legend a little bit of tribute. This is that story.

Side note: This house is literally a half block from the first place I stayed in Amsterdam. I know it well. 

- Greg Seltzer

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