Sunday, July 6, 2014

UPDATED: How DeAndre Yedlin can get Latvian citizenship

Greg scooped up the Yedlin-to-Roma news. If you haven't read it yet, scroll on, then get back over here.

Now it's been reported here, here and here that Yedlin is half-Latvian. Latvia is part of the European Union and if Yedlin can get dual citizenship, it will be much easier for him to make Roma's Serie A roster as clubs in Italy's top flight can only add one non-EU player per year.

According to this Latvian government website, any child of a Latvian citizen can get Latvian dual citizenship. Assuming his Latvian parent had citizenship of the country when Yedlin was born and that he doesn't already have citizenship, all he has to do to get it is this:

Fill out this application and submit it along with an official ID (his passport would work), his birth certificate and his Latvian parent's ID* to the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs in Riga either in-person, via mail or electronically or to the Latvian embassy in D.C.

Everything must be notarized except his ID.

Then he just has to wait a month.

*It's not clear which parent is Latvian, but if it's his dad, this could be a problem as he has never met him, according to The New York Times articled linked to above.

UPDATE: His mom is Latvian. Thanks, Joe Celt.

Note: The site also lists "a document confirming the birth of a child," but I'm not sure if that applies to his situation or if his birth certificate would suffice. The same goes for "a document confirming marital status."

Since it doesn't sound like he'd be joining the squad until November anyway, time shouldn't be an issue. Again, I'm no lawyer, but I combed through this repeatedly and it should at least give you a lay of the land if Yedlin is to go this route.

- Jacob Klinger


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His mother is Latvian.

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Except he's offering for Tottenham